12 Mar 2020

Global Agency announced today that ONTV, which is part of Egyptian Media Group, has ordered the third season of its factual reality show “The Doors”.

The format, which is named locally Closed Doors, is broadcasted late prime time on Saturday nights. The show has already been on air for 2 seasons. Airing weekly in the late prime-time slot, the show has achieved high ratings in its first two seasons. After this big success, the third season will be broadcasted in Egypt.

The show is one of the most viewed on ONTV’s YouTube channel. One of the reasons behind this success is George Qirdahi who is well known from hosting "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire".

This is a hybrid program (factual, crime, reality) that blends real news footage (of a crime which was prominent on society’s agenda, wounded society’s conscience and triggered reactions) with drama, featuring actors who portray these events in the studio section.

The format of the program has a unique character, mixing studio coverage, drama and real news/footage from city surveillance cameras. The blend of drama, news footage and police surveillance camera footage from the court files adds a sense of reality and helps maintain the excitement.

Izzet Pinto, CEO of Global Agency, commented: “The Doors attracted huge interest in Egypt. We are proud of The Doors’s persistent achievements in the country. This goes way beyond our expectations and we are so happy to learn that social sharing of The Doors is far more than other shows in such short period. It has already attracted many new buyers, we expect it will enter new markets soon.”