10 Sep 2014

Los Angeles-based production company Intrigue has secured a pilot production commitment (with a series penalty) from NBC on a re-make of the Turkish series Game of Silence. 

Intrigue will produce, along with Carol Mendelsohn Productions, writer David Hudgins and Sony TV.  The project is based on the drama Game of Silence (original title: Suskunlar), by Turkish producer Timur Savci of Tims Productions.  Global Agency’s Catherine Stryker (Head of Sales) and Intrigue’s VP of Development Kelly Pancho facilitated the rights deal. 

“Global Agency has been representing Tims Productions for several years and I have seen their productions win over audiences worldwide,” said Catherine Stryker. “I am delighted that their project will be going to the USA.” 

“We’re so thrilled to be moving forward with NBC and Sony on Game of Silence,” said Tariq Jalil, President of Intrigue.  “We love the original format and think Carol and David have a fantastic creative vision that will offer a new perspective to the legal genre for US audiences.”

About Intrique
Headquartered in Santa Monica, California, Intrigue specializes in the development of television formats for the US marketplace.  Among its many successes is OPERATION REPO, a series based on an original Spanish format from Telemundo, which is in its eleventh season on American television with over 200 episodes produced.

About Game Of Silence
“They played the game of silence for years… Now it’s their time to talk.”


They were just four little boys who made a childish mistake that came at a high cost. Their lives would never be the same. They took an oath to never tell anyone- to keep it a secret forever. Twenty years passed since that unfortunate day, until they all heard the news about Zeki.  He was in prison for shooting a man. They all knew the man Zeki shot, and they all knew why he did it. They all knew they had to get back together and save Zeki from his situation. Things did not go as they had hoped, and Zeki was murdered while he was in detention. This tragedy was the last straw, it was now time to dig back into the past and take revenge for their shattered youth.