Keep Your Light Shining

Singing Talent Show
9 contestants, 3 jury members
Weekly, Prime Time

“Keep Your Light Shining” is a unique, fast-paced talent show where nine gifted and eye-catching singers must sparkle with powerful performances to upstage their rivals.  Over 12 exciting episodes, contestants aim in their brief segments to impress the three celebrity singers of the jury and win a place in the grand finale.

With dramatic lighting to emphasize the drama, each contestant is illuminated for just the 30 seconds that they perform in each song. Afterwards, white spotlights light up the singers voted through to the next round, while the lights on four contestants turn red, meaning they are in danger of being voted off.

Each jury member chooses a singer to save, leaving one to be eliminated. Each round there is one less performer, meaning each has more time to sing the following song. In the last two rounds, it is the audience which decides who goes through, with the last two singers facing off in a winner-takes-all duet.

The winner goes into the grand finale while the weakest contestant is sent home, meaning two new singers join the following week. When the grand finale arrives, viewers get to enjoy a mouth-watering selection of 12 performers, hoping to see their favorites win out and take away the big prize.