Love Stories

Factual Reality
Daily / Weekly, Prime Time

Three couples recall the blossoming of their romance in “Love Stories”, giving often diverging accounts in a fascinating show with a dramatic twist at the end to answer the viewers’ big question: are they still together?

Couples recall the blossoming of their romance in “Love Stories”, describing how their relationship developed in a show with a dramatic climax that answers whether they are still together. Three couples in each episode tell us how they fell in love and the difficulties they faced along the way.

Each person tells their story separately, recounting their lives before the romance, the moment they met, the first date, the falling in love and emotional difficulties they faced. They describe challenges such as the first meeting with the in-laws, the proposal, the wedding and maybe the birth of children.

As the second partner gives their account, it becomes clear they do not share identical memories or points of view on vital events in their relationship. It is here that the audience can start to guess whether they are still together as a couple or have split up from the way they talk and behave.

Curiosity grows as the program reaches its finale and an answer to the question of whether they have made things work. Viewers will also gain some insight into what it takes to make a successful relationship. With a powerful theme, “Love Stories” captures the imagination with stories everybody can identify with.