Moon Struck

Drama Series
26 x1 Commercial Hour
Weekly, Prime Time
Star TV / HD
The series is phenomenally compelling, and has glued viewers to their screens for 3 seasons.

Leyla's tragedy had started when she gave birth to her illegitimate twins: she was told that one of her children had died during birth, and later on, she was forced to give her other child to adoption.

However Leyla did not give up, she went back to that cursed city twenty three years later, searching for her lost daughter. During the course of her quest to get her daughter Ayla back, Leyla meets a young woman named Sebnem. In fact, Sebnem is her so-told-dead daughter who was in fact alive; she was secretly adopted by a rich businessman called Sevket.

Sebnem was a shy and timid young woman while Ayla was the opposite. She was ambitious and she knew exactly what she wanted in life: she was hungry for power and money, working for Sevket's design company as a talented and hardworking textile illustrator. Both of the sisters are in love with Kenan, but Sevket has a secret agenda for both of them...

Moonstruck is the story of a mother desperately searching for her lost children, story of two sisters who are each other's worst rivals and enemies...