My Green Neighbours

Social Experiment
Weekly, Prime Time
To bin or not to bin? That’s the question in «My Green Neighbours», a new social experiment where a community of homeowners will be put to the ultimate “trash test”.

In each series, we follow 4 different groups of people living in the same building or residential area, tasked with a special challenge: to actually WIN money by cutting their waste for a whole month.

All together they’ll have to buy and consume smarter but also reuse, recycle, share and DIY their way to the finish line.

In every episode they’ll meet new experts for enlightening talks and challenges on water, power, transport, cooking, or upcycling, and at the end of each week, a ranking will reveal the best and worst contestants of the group.

With big money on the line, tensions will arise in the neighbourhood...

After a month, it’s time for the final weighing, where they will earn hard cash for each kilogram of garbage saved over the month.

Practical, fun and spectacular. Trash TV has never been so good for you with MY GREEN NEIGHBOURS.