My Life is a Scenario

Comedy Talent Show / Reality
Weekly, Prime Time
‘‘My Life Is a Scenario’’ is a brand-new format that combines reality, talent competition and comedy where ordinary people aspiring to be comedians showcase their talents to the world. And they do it while living in the same house! Who is the most talented actor? Who is the funniest? Who is the most realistic?

12 contestants previously selected on a national level casting compete every week to find out who the best comedian is. Each episode features 3 types of challenges given by the host and a panel of mentors, all reputable comedians. The contestants will have a natural born sense of humor, with high improvisation and acting skills. They will have to prove it by showing versatility, quickness, believability and most of all, make the audience laugh!

Each mentor picks 3 of the contestants and train them through different challenges. The contestants have to transform into a new character, complete with makeup and costume. They get unusual daily assignments to be performed in and out of the house and be interviewed by the host.

After each challenge, the mentors and the audience will give points to the contestants. The final show reveals who survived, outperformed and swept everyone off their feet. The show also focuses on the real personalities of the contestants. Since the contestants are in it for the whole season, their weaknesses and strengths are revealed. Each contestant spends time with the rest of the group and develop personal relationships. We will watch the birth and evolution of friendship, and perhaps of love and rivalry.