Ready For a Baby

Factural Reality
Weekly, Access PT, 60’
Millennial couples expecting to have a baby get into an accelerated program to get prepared for parenting before their baby arrives. They will be learning the joys and worries of parenting in a unique way; by hosting real experienced families in their own house, and consequently “learn by doing”!

This factual program looks forward to showing the life changing experience of a young and inexperienced couple turning into a confident and organized family.  All the experiences and learnings they go through is guided by a panel of three experts and supported by established families.

The millennial couple will host an experienced family with a child in their house, accommodating their needs and fulfill their guests’ needs, share their responsibilities and learn in the process while they co-live together. In each season consisting of 10 episodes, there will be 4 families in total and 1 family will be hosted each week. The panel of experts (a guru in house management/tidying, a family therapist with expertise in parenting issues and an expert in home renovations) will provide their comments and impressions while at the same time giving tasks to the hosting couple. These tasks will be different in each episode: there will be 1 indoor task and 1 outdoor task that the host will need to realize. The type of the assignment will depend on the age of the child of their guest family.

Each episode will reflect to the screen the development and the learning process of the young family, having the chance to see and live in advance what their future lives would be like with the arrival of the new member of their family.