Silent Storm

Drama Series
38 Episodes, 1 Commercial Hour
Kanal D
Weekly, Prime time

One day he will make a mistake and we will take him down

Yiğit Sancaktar takes over a mafia-linked conglomerate from his murdered father and battles unseen enemies, including secret agent Deniz, even as the two of them fall in love.

When Yiğit Sancaktar takes over the conglomerate Sinus Holding he also takes the helm of a major mafia operation. Conflict is inevitable, with both rivals in the family and beyond, and with the state. When police infiltrate the group and romance affects decision-making, the empire is shaken to its foundations.

Outwardly, Şükrü Sancaktar’s holding is a respectable business with shipyards, transport and tourism companies. Below the surface, it is a gun-smuggling operation, under surveillance of the state’s Crime Investigation Force (SAM). The killing of Şükrü leads to upheaval which forces SAM to change its strategy.

Yiğit takes the helm of the group after his father’s death and has ambitions to clean up the business. He is a well-educated man who studied at the best universities in Turkey and the United States. But he will need different resources if he is to keep on top of the family’s mafia connections.

One threat comes from Yiğit's cousin, İzzet, who was raised by Şükrü but gets tired of living in his shadow and starts plotting from within the family. İzzet is a suspect in Şükrü’s murder. İzzet’s ally in the battle is Bahadır, the husband of Yiğit's sister Rana, who is unhappy in her marriage.

Storm clouds fill the sky when the family gather for the circumcision party of Rana’s son. What is expected to be a happy occasion is shattered as tensions break to the surface. Blood begins to flow and the family must engage in war on several fronts.

The biggest threat comes from a place close to Yiğit. Deniz Soykan is the holding’s financial manager and Yiğit begins to fall in love, despite her cool attitude and his suspicions about her. Deniz is beautiful and smart. In truth, she is a SAM operative working undercover in an investigation of Şükrü’s murder.

Despite long surveillance of the Sancaktars, SAM has been unable to uncover any evidence regarding the killing. They want to know who is Yiğit’s enemy. But as Deniz becomes closer to the family, befriending Yiğit’s sister Rengin, her task gets tougher. She struggles between love and duty.

As he asserts his authority, Yiğit increases security around his family and company. Determined to win the confidence of his father’s old partners, Yiğit successfully completes a crucial delivery of goods and plans new operations to raise his profile.

This show of strength fuels the frustrations of his cousin İzzet who is secretly plotting to take over the business. Sensitive to the dangers around him, Yiğit launches a purge of people who raise his suspicions. In the high-pressure environment of the underworld, paranoia can easily take hold. Yiğit must calculate carefully who are his allies and who are his enemies.