Steal My Heart

Drama Series
100 x 1 commercial hour
2 seasons
Kanal D
Weekly, Prime time

This is a story of the extraordinary love between Mavi, whose tough life has forced her into crime, and Çınar, a police officer.

Mavi is a beautiful and smart girl who lives with her brother, her brother's two children, and her sister in one of the poor areas of Istanbul. She is part of a gang, and steals in order to look after her family.

The leader of the gang, Aksak, is a very tough and bad-tempered person. Aksak secretly falls deeply in love with Mavi.

Çınar is a 30-something, handsome, kind-hearted man. He is very faithful to his job and his family. Despite his hopes to become a father and his commitment to his wife, his marriage begins to collapse due to his wife's desire money and prestige.

Çınar meets Mavi by chance while he is having a bad day. He is very affected by Mavi without knowing that she is a thief. His feelings turn to love towards her in a short time. On the other hand, Mavi had always been very cautious about relationships and love until she met Çınar. After learning their real jobs, this true love story hits a dead end.

Now our two characters are deeply in love, but they must put their jobs aside to come together. And Aksak will do anything to not to lose Mavi.