The Girl I Loved

Drama Series
79 X 1 Commercial Hour
Kanal D, Star TV / HD
Weekly, Prime time

I have lived for one thing: my honor

Mine’s love for Sinan must overcome her conservative father’s fury and the snobbery of his family and when she becomes pregnant they face a battle to keep their love alive.

When Mine falls in love with Sinan, the only son of a wealthy family, she faces the wrath of her conservative, middle-class father. When their worlds collide, prejudice, taboos and social pressures conspire to undermine the powerful bonds of love formed between them.

The romantic Mine is the youngest daughter of her father Turan. Her beauty attracts the jealousy of her older sister Emine, who is frustrated at her inability to find a husband. But despite their minor squabbles, the family have a content, routine life in a traditional district of Istanbul.

Sinan has grown up in a vastly different environment, accustomed to getting whatever he wants. After graduating from university, he is preparing to study for a master's degree in America. It is at this time that he gets to know Mine. They end up passionately in love, despite the social gulf between them.

Mine must keep her relationship secret from her intimidating father. Car workshop owner Turan loves his wife and three children, but he is fiercely bound to his values. His honor comes before all else. When he learns of Mine’s romance his world collapses.

The turning point comes when a shopkeeper from Mine's neighborhood sees her getting into Sinan’s luxury sports car and speeding off with him. When he reveals the news, Turan resolves to put his foot down. The brave romance between the two lovers now becomes a nightmare for all concerned.

In his fury, Turan pays a visit to Mine's college and discovers that she has not gone to classes for several days. He then confronts his daughter and warns her to put an end to her immoral behavior. It is a futile demand for Mine who is so desperately in love.

When Mine goes to visit Sinan at his home a few days later she meets his father. While she is there she overhears the father telling Sinan that he deserves somebody better and that Mine is not up to the standards of their family. Distraught at the cruel words, she flees without telling Sinan.

Mine returns home at midnight to find her angry father waiting for her. He screams at her, demanding to know where she has been. Mine faints. Her family takes her to the hospital where they discover she is pregnant. Turan takes her phone a way in his rage when she refuses to reveal who the father is.

With Sinan frantically trying to contact Mine, the fate of their relationship appears to be in the hands of their disapproving families. The two lovers now face a daunting battle to overcome the hostile forces pitted against them. But they feel in their hearts that love will ultimately win the day.