The Season Of Rain

Drama Series
114 x 1 Commercial Hour
2 Seasons
Show TV
Weekly, Prime time

I can’t be with her and can’t find anyone that she can love

Wealthy nightclub owner Fırat’s need to find a nanny for his four children leads him to the orphan Eylül, triggering romance, jealousy, a mother-child reunion and news of a baby on the way.

Wealthy and blessed with four children, nightclub owner Fırat’s life seems perfect. But he is lonely until he finds Eylül as a nanny for his kids. The orphan Eylül faces the daunting task of winning over his troublesome five-year-old daughter Naz. When she succeeds, Fırat too begins to warm to her.

Fırat is owner of a popular Istanbul nightclub and has a comfortable life. He owns a wonderful house, drives a luxury car and his looks attract much female attention. But his life is scarred by tragedy - his wife committed suicide. He brings up Naz, her 15-year-old rebellious sister Eda and their brothers alone.

Eylül has a very different life, growing up in an orphanage, never meeting her family and having to work hard. She masks her sadness in her quiet and optimistic way, unlike the aggressive Fırat. When Fırat seeks a new nanny, he must decide if Eylül can cope with Naz, who has sent many nannies packing.

Aslı, the nightclub’s beautiful PR manager, is the only person close to Fırat and hopes to take their relationship further. She seems to be a perfect match for him and his children. She finds Eylül through a friend, but is suspicious of all women who seek to get close to Fırat.

At first, Fırat finds Eylül too young and inexperienced and just hires her temporarily. Dazzled by the unfamiliar wealth and flustered by the difficult Naz, Eylül struggles to impress her boss at first. But she is determined to succeed, aiming to save money and study in London.

Aslı is annoyed when Eylül wins Naz over and makes peace with the other kids, before starting to win Fırat's heart. Determined to get rid of her rival, Aslı arranges a foreign education grant for Eylül. But the kids rebel against the prospect of her leaving and Eylül postpones her education plans.

As a last resort, Aslı proposes to Fırat herself instead of waiting for him to act. He thinks marrying her is a rational idea. Shaken by the news, Eylül returns to her dormitory. But after a while Fırat convinces her to return. Realizing he doesn't love Aslı, he decides to postpone the wedding.

Trouble brews when Eylül’s former boyfriend returns from Australia. He pursues Eylül, but she rejects his marriage proposal. Stirred to confess his feelings for Eylül, it is now Fırat who proposes marriage and Eylül accepts. Aslı in turn gives up hope of a life with Fırat and quits.

When Fırat and Eylül overcome Eda’s opposition to their wedding, there are more surprises in store. Fırat has tracked down Eylül’s mother and they face a tense confrontation. When they are ultimately reunited, Eylül has another shock: she is pregnant.