Game Show

Target: The show allows three group of advertisers to pitch their advertisement campaign ideas to a panel of three representatives of a specific brand on each episode and targeting to win weekly cash prize.

Each week 1 advertiser team is eliminated and a new one takes their table in the show.

The show brings amateur advertisers together with brands which is providing special services or products.

On one side; the audience has an information about new brands of interesting products/services and on the another side the audience watches the works of new innovative creator advertisers.

In each episode three advertiser groups (each team consists of 3 members) take part and compete each other in order to win the prize money (2o.oooUS$).

They present different slogans and advertisement campaigns to the brand’s representatives in the studio who decides the winner.

Brand’s Side: The show selects little known brands especially providing service or products in social media. for example: women’s clothing, home decorations, plants, artificial flowers, accessories, diet productions, wooden furniture, organic healthy products, event photography business, event organizations etc…

Brand’s representatives consist of 3 members: One General manager (or CEO) and his 2 best men (advertisement manager and Sales manager or CFO) they all come to the studio and take their seats.

They bring some samples and make a presentation about their brand (if the brand is immovable product, they show the photos of the product/service) They explain their targets, consumers etc… they also show some VTR’s about their production area, employees etc. (it takes 10-15 minutes)

Advertiser Groups’ Side: Each advertisement group consists of 3 members: 1 art director, 1 creative director and 1 scripter.

Brand’s representatives actually made same presentation to advertiser groups 1 week ago before the show is on air and ask them to prepare advertisement campaigns for their brand (groups should shoot a sketch or short video for their campaign) We see their work as VTR in the studio.

There are 3 main tasks for advertiser groups:

  • Find the right slogan for the brand
  • Create a new logo for the brand
  • Create a new advertisement campaign and shoot a short video for the campaign

On the other side, they should follow these steps:

They should make a research for the brand

They should determine target consumers

They should design a new website

They should work on brand’s social media accounts

They should make surveys and opinion researches for the brand

The audience watches all of these process with VTR on the screen (it takes 30 minutes)

After VTR ends, each advertisement groups start to make a presentation one by one in the studio. After all presentations are finished, brand’s representatives select one team as a winner.

The winner team gets 20.000US$ cash prize and has a right to attend to the show again next week.

There are two teams remaining. Brand’s representatives also eliminate one team from the show (with their reasons) and the other one can attend the program in the following week.

Next week we see two teams from previous episode (1 winner and 1 not eliminated) and 1 new team joins them. There will be a new brand and representatives for the next week.

This continues during 11 weeks.

At the end of 11th week: there will be 2 finalist teams who succeed not to get eliminated from the show and join the big final in the 13thweek.

At the end of the 11th week, production team presents 11 eliminated teams during 11 week and ask to audience to vote for 3 teams. These 3 teams will come back in 12th week and compete against each other to be one of the finalist teams in big final week.

The main target is to manage to stay in the fierce competition and participate in the big finale, so they all try to stay in the show without being eliminated until the final week (13th) to become the winner.

13th week – (big finale week): Decision maker will be a very well known brand and its representatives who will select the winner for big cash prize.