Dark Red

Drama Series
26 Episodes, 1 Commercial Hour
Star TV
Weekly, Prime time
Cemil is a school teacher who devotes himself to caring for his little sister, who is suffering from kidney disease. He is so desperate for money for his sister's treatment, that he even sells his blood to the hospital.

Ümit is the daughter of a rich businesswoman and is in love with Mahir, who works with her mother. Ümit has some issues with her mother, especially regarding Mahir, whom her mother hates.

The paths of these rich and poor people intersect in an emergency room when Ümit has an accident. Mahir arrogantly asks Cemil to give his blood to his fiancée, who is in desperate need. At first, Cemil refuses since he already gave blood that day. But when Mahir begs him, Cemil changes his mind and decides to donate his blood even if it is risky for him. Cemil's blood ultimately saves Ümit's live. In return, Mahir gives Cemil his business card and tells him that he will pay back the favor soon.

After a while, Cemil seeks help from Mahir and asks to borrow money for his sister's operation. However, Mahir treats him badly and gives him only a small amount of money for his favor. Cemil refuses it and tries to explain the situation again, but Mahir does not want to listen and claims Cemil is just taking money from people's weakness. Mahir immediately calls security to kick him out.

Filled with hatred and disgust, Cemil kidnaps Ümit and asks for ransom from Mahir. Now, Mahir has to find a way to save his fiancée without informing her mother.

From that moment, nobody's life will be the same.