Knife's Edge

Drama Series
60 Episodes, 1 Commercial Hour
Weekly, Prime Time
Kanal D

Once you believe in something it stops being a lie

After being wrongly imprisoned Ali emerges to seek out his son, secretly adopted by a wealthy descendant of the Ottomans, and becomes embroiled in a battle bound up with wealth, class and romance.

After being imprisoned wrongly for 10 years over his pregnant wife’s murder, Ali comes out into a world fraught with jealousy, betrayal and passion. He seeks to be reunited with his son in a battle with a descendant of the Ottoman dynasty. The struggle sows discord in relationships and across families.

The wealthy Orhan’s ancestry traces back to the nobility of the Ottoman Empire. He lives with his wife Nisan, son and father Selim Reşat, whose jewelry business he continues to run successfully. But a secret lurks within the family: Orhan’s son Murat was adopted illegally.

While Orhan convinces himself that Murat is his biological son, his wife Nisan tells herself she is happy living in the family’s gilded cage. In reality, she has never experienced, just devoting herself to her only son. The family’s orderly life begins to collapse when Ali emerges from the shadows.

On his release, Ali is astounded to discovers the existence of a son he never knew he had. Orhan, who knows the truth, is in turn plunged into panic when he learns that Ali is once again free. Not even his wife Nisan knows the truth. Orhan plots to keep Ali away from Murat, but it won’t be as easy as he thinks.

Orhan’s wayward brother Mehmet is meanwhile preparing to return to Turkey. Before he arrives, he tells his family he has a big surprise. As they await him, Nisan increasingly finds Orhan’s behavior strange. He becomes distant in his preoccupation to protect Murat and keep his secret from the family.

The complications of family life increase when Mehmet lands in Istanbul, only to be met by police before his family. His father Selim Reşat’s worries increase when Mehmet announces his surprise.

Mehmet’s arrival brings romance between him and Ali's sister, Güneş. She is a lawyer who devoted herself to reopening her brother’s court case, after he was convicted for a crime he did not commit. After securing his release, she turns her attention to helping Ali get his son back.

Ali begins working as a chauffeur at Orhan’s mansion to be close to Murat. Güneş objects, thinking he is demeaning himself by doing so. But Ali is happy and establishes a warm relationship with Murat, who is unaware Ali is his father. Over time Ali finds it hard to be so close, yet so far from his son.

Orhan has lost his peace of mind now that his son’s real father has entered his life. Now keeping his secret has become tougher. As Nisan becomes frustrated by Orhan’s erratic behavior, her attention gradually becomes drawn to Ali. As their relationships evolve, family pressures, class conflicts and passionate love reshape their world.