Magic Moms

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When it comes to birthday parties, young kids are not very easy to please.

A scavenger hunt, a clown, playing hide and seek… - it just doesn’t do the trick anymore.

Nowadays, moms need to come up with something better. Something more original.

Something that impresses not only their own children, but also their guests…

And for the first time, the kids are in control to judge our … MAGIC MOMS!

On this daily show, four mothers get a limited budget to create the most impressive birthday party for their child. We’ll follow each mom during the preparations and from Monday till Thursday we’ll witness one party every day.

Every party needs a theme, which the birthday boy or girl gets to decide.

From princesses or pirates, to horses and soccer, each mom is going to have to use her DIY skills and creativity, to impress the three guests: the other moms’ kids!

We see her making the invite, shopping with tons of bags, cutting and gluing decoration having doubts about the animation baking the cake And… struggling to finish everything in time…

Then, we witness the whole party, just like the rival moms! In an isolated room, they will not miss a second of their competitors' events and comment on every tiny detail…

It’s time to judge the party. But unlike other show, the jury is very special:
it consists of the four children of the Magic Moms! That means she’ll be evaluated by her own child as well. Kids are honest and outspoken – but do they have the guts to hurt an adult’s feelings if something didn’t please them? Even their own mother?

At the end of each birthday, the little shots will give 1 to 5 stars to theme and decoration, animations and atmosphere.

But one last score will be revealed in the finale on Friday: 1 to 10 stars... for the Cake! and that ... could turn everything upside down!

Besides discovering their total score, the four moms will also hear and react on the not-so-nice comments of the other moms.

Who got the highest score, organized the perfect party and wins a dream trip to her family?

The MAGIC MOMS have to be fun, creative and smart in order to please the toughest jury of them all: their children.

MAGIC MOMS it's party ... every day!