The Sphere

Quiz Show
Weekly, Prime Time
The Sphere is a game show where 5 contestants compete against each other, 1 contestant makes it to the final round and tries to win the 1.000.000 USD prize.

At the beginning of the game, each contestant will be assigned a different color and there will be a transparent sphere in front of them containing 10 balls in matching colors with the contestants’ color. Each ball is worth 10.000 USD. In other words, each contestant starts the game with 100.000 USD. Their goal is to answer as many questions as possible with the correct answer and have the maximum amount of balls in their sphere of luck.

The 1st round consists of 10 multiple choice questions, the contestant will choose the right answer among two options and lock as many balls as he feels confident with to be sent to the Sphere of Luck. The more the contestant is sure about his/her answer, the more balls he/she can decide to send to the Sphere of Luck.

The Sphere of Luck starts spinning once the balls are locked in and at the end of the cycle, 1 ball drops down.

The questions get gradually tougher. After the 10th question, the contestant with the highest number of balls in his sphere makes it to the final.