City of Lies

Drama Series
110 X 1 Commercial Hour
Weekly, Prime Time
Star TV
City of Lies tells the story of the glamorous, wealthy families of Istanbul and their children. The series is centered on the lifestyles of young people in a world where image is everything, yet nobody is as they seem. The main themes are innocence, growing up, secrets and popularity, as well as the lies we have to tell in order to be loved and survive.

The main character is Su, the most sparkling, popular, gossiped about and envied girl in the world she lives in. She tries not to become corrupted like the others but it isn't easy to stay outside of that world. Nor is it easy to remain inside. Nothing proves more difficult than staying in the middle though.

Su and the rest of the cast are young and dynamic and they move in a world of exotic locations and luxurious cars, full of beautiful clothes and well-groomed people. There is no limit to their money and the power that comes with it. The series also tells the dark stories of their families, which are complicated and interwoven with despair, hatred and love. In such a world, filled with temptation, how do you hold onto your innocence?

While growing up is difficult for everyone, in the City of Lies it is a battle. Our characters are mixed up in intrigues greater than their ages. They are all still children, but do not realize they are slowly growing up in the midst of this commotion. But what will they grow up to be?