The Legend
On most TV talent shows, it's the jury that decides whether a contestant continues, it's the audience that can change their fate.
The Sphere
10 balls, 10 questions, 1 million USD prize!
An old and rich widow is at a turning point in her life; she has realized that she has no heir... And she has made the biggest decision of her life, she wants to give a part of her legacy to a complete stranger!
The Remix
The Remix is a live music reality show where DJs and Singers pair up and compete over 15 weeks for a big money prize and the chance to cut their own album with a famous music label. 8 pairs are made of a famous singer and a DJ, with a supporting music producer.
Power of Love
“Power of Love” is a reality show that serves as a social experiment where contestants compete individually, and the goal is to find love...
Sounds of the Nation
Sounds of the Nation is the new feel good, uplifting and enriching singing talent format of the screen, where customs and folklore unify generations of audiences together!
Campus Chef
Students of the department of gastronomy, professional chefs and a wide range of audience that loves cooking.
Kids Cook the Funniest Things!
‘Kids Cook The Funniest Things!’ is a hilarious entertainment format that will appeal to adults and children alike as the kids take control and they have their fantasy foods made in front of their eyes! For the viewers watching at home – the foods will be awe- inspiring and unbelievable!
Home Therapy
Can you save your relationship by renovating your home together?
Looking for My Mother
“Looking for My Mother” is a reality show based on real life stories, created with meticulous investigative journalism.
My Life is a Scenario
My Life is a Scenario is an improv comedian talent show. The program will put the contestants into different real-life acting challenges in order to find out who the best and funniest is.
Mom, Dad… Please Don’t Wear That!
It’s a fun Lifestyle Reality where the younger generation will help the older generation to look better.
In and Out
In and Out is an exciting game show where your money prize can be increased or divided, or you can go bankrupt at any moment!
Beat The Wheel
Beat the Wheel is a spectacular new game show where a couple of contestants will try to outsmart a giant hybrid digital / physical Wheel and raise its maximum value up to one million dollar...
Open Call
When you are born with star quality, you have it anytime and anywhere! You think you’ve got it?
Music Masters
Eight super talented contestants are challenged to keep their spots in the 13 week long contest for as long as they can! Who can remain until the end and who will beat them all to become the Music Master?
Momsters is a cooking competition where five brides and their mothers- in-law compete together as a team to cook the best meal!
What the F*ck!
What The F*ck? is the ultimate prank show to test the patience of your loved ones, laugh a little and earn money together at the same time!
Cash or Splash
Cash or Splash is an exciting and fun quiz-game show where three contestants compete together as a team that tries to protect the 1.000.000 cash initially given to them until the end of the game...
Marriage Life Experiment
Reality entertainment at its best – the universal subject of marriage and finding “the one” is being presented in “Marriage Life Experiment”, giving the power to choose to the prospective bride.
Bring Your Fame Back
Have you ever wondered what happened to your favorite singer who was so famous and then just disappeared? Where are they now? And what would happen if we gave them another chance to Bring Their Fame Back?
Beat Me If You Can
“Beat Me If You Can” is a primetime show that combines singing talent format and game show elements. Each week 10 contestants take place in the show, with a jury of 2 celebrity singers. The audience will watch 9 duet performances.
Thank You
“Thank You” is a factual entertainment program that gives the famous people a chance to have a glance back to their past to remember and express their gratitude to a person who helped them to be the great success they are today!
Eye Love You
Eye Love You is a 60 minutes dating show. The concept is simple: without ever seeing each other, four hopeful suitors share their daily lives with a bachelorette, thanks to special connected glasses.
The Clique
The Clique is a prime time game show combining comedy and a modern notion of dating. The show is highly engaged in social media and technology, using its customized game software.
Blind Taste Junior
Let the pizza dough replace the Play-doh! Let the oranges and tomatoes do it’s magic for the kids! Now, it’s time for the children to compete in the fairest competition of the world!
Dating School
Are you still single? Eager to feel loved but feeling awkward, insecure in social situations? Are you shy around women (or guys)? Are you really bad at dating? You are not alone and do we have a must-see program for you!
Beauty Express
Beauty Express is the first daily make-up competition! Every week, 5 new contestants compete to do the perfect make-up for a specific theme.
My Wife Rules
“My Wife Rules” is the first couple cooking contest, where the husband is cooking by remote control!
Miss Perfect
“Miss Perfect” is a dating show where four women go on separate dates with the same bachelor during the week and he chooses his favorite on Friday.
Know It or Face It!
“Know It or Face It!” is a quiz challenge game show for couples. The couple must try to make their way to the top of the 10 step money ladder by answering questions correctly.
Love Cafe
“Love Café” is a romantic TV meeting place where 8 women who want to get married have the chance to meet the man of their dreams!
“Quizmaster" is an innovative and entertaining daily quiz format that combines suspense and interactivity. The game is simple: the goal of the main candidate is to defend his throne...
The Married Game
A daily stripped show with four dinner dates and one big revelation. Four men, three married and one single, take a savvy bachelorette out on dinner dates and try to convince her that they are single.
Wardrobe Wars
Wardrobe Wars is a daily fashion and style contest with 8 women and their wardrobes competing against each other.
The Doors
Sometimes, if you open enough doors, you find the answers you’ve been searching for. In this show, we open doors to investigate real-life murder cases...
Real Estate Kings
“Real Estate Kings” is a brand new competition in which 5 contestants from the same area compete to impress the boss of a real estate agency and get the job of their dreams!
Pick'n Run
This lively, physical quiz show is between two teams of four people. The teams can be made up of families, colleagues or friends. At the beginning of the game, each person elects to represent one of four options...
Lucky Room
In this studio game show, 3 contestants take part every episode. Their family members are also in the studio, but in a sound-proofed room (The Lucky Room).
Rivals In Law
It’s a timeless conflict, wife vs. mother-in-law in a domestic test of who’s the best cook.
Blind Taste
"Blind Taste" is a daily cooking format, featuring a celebrity cook and four contestants that change every week.
Cooking Roulette
In this spectacular studio based cooking show, 12 contestants enter the arena and take their places around a circular moving conveyor belt...
Are You Kidding Me
“Are You Kidding Me?” is a prank-game show consisting of four fun phases. All that the show needs are a lovable host...
Is That Really Your Voice
In this fantastic new entertainment show, we turn the traditional studio format on its head because the judges have to make their selections based on looks alone!
Chasing The Stars
Chasing the Stars” is all about finding unknown talent. The competition lasts for 12 weeks with a grand finale on week 13.
Keep Your Light Shining
They say you should never hide your talent in the dark, and it’s especially true in this unique new singing talent show!
Shopping Monsters
"Shopping Monsters" is a day time show that combines the elements of competition, gossip, express makeovers and style!
A quiz show with simple rules and thrilling reversals of fortune right until the end!
Keep It or Lose It
"Keep It or Lose It" is a game show where you choose the prizes, but then you have to hold onto them!
It’s Showtime
This lively entertainment talent show is a daily strip format. The 5 contestants will judge each other during the course of the week.
Stairway To Fame
Stairway To Fame is a studio based, 14 weeks long marathon to find the next big vocal star of the country.
Risk Taker
Risk Taker is a quiz show that challenges contestants to calculate quickly and bet a percentage of their prize money before every answer. During the hour long show, three contestants go up against the clock with 10 questions to answer.
Stand By Me
Stand By Me is a hot new duet project where the celebrity jury members are also contestants!
Bring'em Back
Bring’em Back is a striking new singing competition that focuses on contestants’ sheer vocal talent.
Talent Hunters
The next big thing in talent shows has arrived!
My Style Rocks
“My Style Rocks” is a studio based fashion game-show.
Fashion Icon
“Fashion Icon” is the hottest style show on television, integrating fashion and shopping into a show-stopping competition.
The Gift
"The Gift" is a daily-strip contest where the participants compete with each other to prove that they have the most beautiful home and they are the best host.
Décor Monsters
Five women with very different tastes in home decorating compete every week to see who can be the home styling queen!
Perfect Bride
“Perfect Bride” introduces 12 young women who want to get married to 6 young men, but the men bring their mothers along with them!
The Truth Detector
8 children take part in this studio show. First the tiny guests are introduced and video clips show their full personalities at home.
Catch the Answer
Catch the Answer is the world's most informative quiz show!