A wedge is driven between sisters Ümran and Umay in their youth when they both fall in love with Yıldırım, a handsome young doctor who comes to their village from Istanbul. Ümran sets her heart on him, but inspired by dreams of escaping to the big city Umay steals him away...
Gulperi is the story of a woman who has been treated unjustly all her life just because she is a woman. Gulperi had to give up on her dreams because of her father’s oppression...
Sanem is full of life, fun and a true dreamer. In the eyes of her family, she is a mischievous, non-stop talking child with no purpose in life and she gets her nose into trouble all the time.
Ruya leads a quiet life in Berlin with her father Ayaz Kiran, until one day she finds out that her mother, whom she never met, is in Syria.
A car accident that changes the lives of three people: Meryem, a naive and innocent young woman; Oktay, the ambitious state prosecutor, and Savaş, a rich and powerful man looking for love again after having lost his girlfriend in the accident.
“Waves" is the story of the Erguven family. Evren Erguven was the owner of a hotel chain. He was very rich and ambitious, however he made a faulty investment, and because of his greed he lost everything- in just one night!
The Deep
After his wife’s suicide, Sahir dedicates himself to suicide prevention and helps people on the verge of suicide to persuade them to cling to life. He is willing to fight for people to survive as long as he lives...
Beautiful and kind hearted Sureyya is a talented musician. After graduating from the Conservatory of Music, she jumps into the music industry working as a back vocalist and singing in commercial jingles.
Zeynep is a young woman who has a fear of intimacy due to her being abandoned. When Zeynep was abandoned by her mother Gonul at the age of five, she was adopted by rich woman Cahide.
Bitter Sweet
Studying Gastronomy and Culinary Arts at the university and aspiring to become a professional chef, Nazli wants to become a master in Japanese cuisine and dreams of opening her own restaurant...
How far would you go for the sake of love, conscience, and justice? When hope, in the form of the young and beautiful attorney Selvi, knocks on the door of Dağhan, who is imprisoned for life, gates of the past are reopened.
My Dangerous Wife
Alper and Derin are a 6 year married couple without a child. Alper cheats on his wife although they are happily married.
Treasure of Life
In a world where everyone is seeking “wealth”, the only thing that can be regarded as “true wealth” is Love.
Aria of the Doomed
A drama centering on the lives of prisoners in Stalin’s era labor camp for women – Akmolinsk Camp for Wives of Betrayers of the Nation (A.L.G.I.R) These women are wives of former party leaders, female thieves, nuns and prostitutes serving harsh sentences side by side...
Living Passion
When he is arrested for a crime he did not commit, Miguel fights to seek justice and recover the love of his life.
Dangerously in Love
The story is about an extraordinary love between a man forced to commit a crime in order to prove his father’s innocence and a police officer who is chasing him. These two who have run away from love all their lives, are now experiencing an impossible romance.
Black Pearl
They had promised each other to be together until death do them part... Hazal and Kenan had planned to spend the rest of their lives together, settled in a small Aegean town but their perfect relation is shaken by Vural's arrival...
Even though the world is a terrible place, there are always people who prove that the good people will ultimately win...
Golden Horde
1263 is the year when Alexander Nevsky died. This is an epoch of the reign of Berke Khan, Genghis Khan’s grandson, and the time of the golden age of the Golden Horde.
A historical series that narrates the life of one of the most important women of Spain, Queen Isabella the Catholic.
Elif dreams every night in her sleep that she is a famous designer, and she aspires to become one in real life. However, she is only a simple salesperson at a department store. One day, she meets the owner of the department store: Bulut, the handsome heir to a textile empire...
Is there really such a thing as soul mate? Somewhere in the world is “that person” who is created solely for us, who is waiting for us, who is making us feel love the minute our eyes meet, “real”?
The story is about two men and a woman who are all greatly affected by destiny as well as their choices. Ali Nejat Karasu is a powerful, wealthy and heartless young businessman...
Magnificent Century Kosem
Sultan Ahmed Khan’s great love, mother of three Sultans, beloved of the people of Istanbul, most powerful of all the royal Ottoman women, The Great Sultana Kosem…
High Society
Love will find a way, wherever you’re from. Mert and Kerem are childhood friends who went to the same university. Mert is the spoilt son of a wealthy family, while Kerem’s mother is their maid.
Magnificent Century
The magnificent century of the Ottomans begins... The magnificent ascent of Sultan Suleiman the Lawgiver to sovereignty commences...
Queen Of The Night
Selin is the daughter of a French mother and a Turkish father, and lives in France in the town of Grasse with her mother...
Just Smile
On one side the independent, poor but happy Civan Family and on the other side the rich, prodigal, luxury addict Ozdemir Family. Two different lives, two different life styles…
Time of Departure
The story begins with Cennet’s father giving her to Cemal as a second wife. When first wife Hanim meets with the beautiful Cennet, she is upset but goes along with it because she has been unable to bear a child...
Friends Forever
This is the story of 5 teenage college friends and the challenges they face in transitioning to adulthood. The story revolves around their complicated relationships, friendships, conflicts and passions...
Perfect Groom
Melike is the daughter of a Turkish family living in Germany. She lied to her family to persuade them to live in Istanbul on her own. Melike’s family thinks that their daughter is an awarded journalist...
Broken Pieces
A story about difficult choices, tough decisions, entwined lives and parents torn between their children and their hearts...
A Part Of Me
This is the story of a surrogate mother’s fight to keep the baby, when through a twist of fate she discovers that he is her own biological child. The story becomes more complicated when she falls in love with the father of her baby.
Love For Rent
Omer is a successful businessman in the fashion industry. He is also determinedly single, to the frustration of his grandfather who offers a bribe to Aunt Neriman to find Omer a wife.
Nazli is a young graduate in her 20¹s. She is high-spirited and optimistic about life, despite having a congenital heart condition. She knows that she needs a transplant operation soon or it will be fatal...
Bitter Love
Bulut is working for Ferman Köklükaya, the owner of a big construction company. A successful and ambitious man...
Maral is an ambitious young woman who has a real flair for fashion.
Asli is fired from her job at a bakery, and a friend persuades her to find a job in the holiday resort of Bodrum instead.
1001 Nights
A man without faith in women... A mother tested by life...
Game of Silence
A story of four young men and a young woman who are searching for answers about their lost childhood; a story where love, passion, friendship, loyalty and revenge are in a constant battle...
Lovebird, is a masterpiece of Turkish literature, a timeless love story, beloved by millions.
Never Let Go
“Never Let Go” is a sweeping love story about Yiğit Kozan and two women who are drawn to him like moths to a flame.
My Destiny
Serçe is a widow and living with her two sons and a sister in a slum area between skyscrapers near Bosphorus.
In a new, top-secret government organization, two enemies must work together to protect the country...
Lady Ville
The girls of the village are very beautiful. Girls from the village are never given away to outsiders. If an outsider wants to marry a girl from the village, he has to come “Ladyville” and live there.
Village Girl
The beautiful Gul is a city girl who swaps her fast-paced life in Istanbul for a small village...
Love and Punishment
Traditional values vs. the modern world. A unique love story...
Love Biz
Every day is an adventure as they organize weddings for people from all walks of life, from the elite with...
The Promise
After graduating from university in Istanbul, the young Zelal moves back to her hometown of Urgup to work as a tour guide...
Against All Odds
Cetin and Ipek have been married for a long time and have known each other since childhood.
A story of fatal passion.
The Making Of Magnificent Century
Having been sold to over 50 territories, Magnificent Century is one of Turkey’s greatest productions and continues to captivate viewers all over the world...
The Making Of Love Bird
In each episode of this documentary we get to see behind the scenes at the creation of Love Bird. With a different theme for each episode...
I Still Have Hope.
Finding love against all odds
Set in the last years of the Ottoman Empire, Forbidden depicts the life and intermingling of different classes and how love, with passion, greed and dreams, gains a new meaning.
A story of love, passion and revenge...
City of Lies
City of Lies tells the story of the glamorous, wealthy families of Istanbul and their children.
Between Us
"Between Us" is a lighthearted story about Yadigar, a beautiful woman from a small town.
Dear Family
What happens to a careless 45-year-old bachelor when he suddenly has to take responsibility for three children?
The Girl I Loved
A brave romance that reaches a point beyond anyone's control, becomes a nightmare for everyone.
Love At First Sight
The son of the rich factory-owner, returns from the USA, where he was studying. But he never managed to graduate and earn a diploma. His father's anger won't last long and he has a totally different plan for his son.
Tahir Bozoglu is a legend in the Urfa criminal investigation department. Ferit Caglayan is a young and honest inspector who looks up to Tahir as a mentor and his hero.
Moon Struck
A story of a mother desperately searching for her lost children, story of two sisters who are each other's worst rivals and enemies.
Black Streets
The infamous Kolera neighbourhood, a place where one should walk with care... A world of thugs, gangsters, men without fear and their powerful women...
The Bahtiyans are the most powerful and wealthy family in Mardin, led by Aziz Bahtiyan who runs the business with his brother Kerim and Nadir, his right hand man...
Knife's Edge
Society, betrayal, love, murder... A breathless story.
Steal My Heart
A strong love, a demonic game...
Shadows of the Past
A happiness which will be shattered to pieces as the shadows of past come to light.
Grand Bazaar
Friendship, solidarity, adventure, comedy and drama, Grand Bazaar tells a story about people chasing a miracle in the charmed atmosphere of the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul.
The Season Of Rain
Can a nanny be a perfect match for a man and a good mother for his daughter?...
Dark Red
Is there any problem that love cannot solve?
Mothers and Daughters
The lives of two women change on the same night. Their lives would never be the same again.
Playing Nanny
A father who comes up with the idea to dress as a woman and apply to be the nanny of his own kids.
Glass Mask
Fate brings together two sisters who share a tragic start to their lives under one household. Ezgi and Deniz grew up believing they were fraternal twins and Nermin was their mom and Selim was their dad.
Winter Sun
"Winter Sun” is a story of betrayal and revenge. The struggle for power. The building and collapse of an empire. Sofia Ferreira Bivar (51) and her husband, Álvaro Bivar, are partners of Laura Teles De Aragado (53) and her husband Francisco in a company that owns...
Will for Revenge
Three women, driven by different reasons, end up joining in a crusade to get revenge out of the same man. Marina Nogueira, 55, business woman, leader of the company “Chão de Portugal” and Jose Maria Sousa E Ataide, 56, sports manager, decided to get engaged.
Heart of Gold
This is the story of Maria, a woman willing to do all sacrifices for her daughter Catarina. Maria’s painful challenge starts when Antonio, her former employer, facing death, decides to make justice for the past and includes her on his will.
More Than Love
Two lovers on opposite sides of law… More than love is the struggle of Clara, a young woman facing the law. Francisca especially envied half-sister Laura (Clara’s mother) and wants to grab a hold of her fortune and her life.
Frozen Memories
After losing your memory, who can you trust? Frozen Memories tells the story of Rosa, who suffers from retrograde amnesia, and Narcisa, who tries to take advantage of her sister’s accident to keep all the wealth she built in the last decade.
The Oath
Stories of 12 soldiers in a special task force, interwoven with love, friendship, devotion and patriotism. Lieutenant Yavuz who is a Task Force Commander working for Special Forces loses his long-term girlfriend Merve in a fatal...