Ongoing Production
Weekly, Prime Time
Star TV
Sanem is full of life, fun and a true dreamer. In the eyes of her family, she is a mischievous, non-stop talking child with no purpose in life and she gets her nose into trouble all the time. To support her father, Sanem starts opening her father’s grocery store early in the morning and helping him at the store. Sanem’s parents constantly tease her by saying, “unless you find a job, you’ll get married.” So, Sanem starts looking for a job and ends up working at the advertisement agency her older sister Leyla works at.

The owner of the agency is Mr. Aziz (Emre and Can’s father) wants to retire, so he must find a new manager to run the agency in his absence. Mr. Aziz doesn’t feel comfortable leaving his job to his younger son Emre, since he doesn’t think he has the will and the skills to run such a large scale company. He wants to put his other son, Can in charge. Can is a world-known photographer and whenever he visits Istanbul, he doesn’t stay more than a couple of days. He doesn’t enjoy city life. Therefore, it will be hard for Mr. Azis to convince Can.

When Can meets Sanem, born and raised in a small neighborhood in Istanbul, he experiences a brand new “first” in his life: LOVE! Sanem, unaware of the secret plots Emre has in store for his brother, starts helping Emre who had loaned her money to pay her father’s debt. In the process, she falls in love with Can, whom she thinks is the ‘bad guy’. She had told many lies to Can, but that doesn’t stop her from falling in love. The impossible love starts, right at this point.