28 X 1 Commercial Hour
Weekly, Prime Time
Elif dreams every night in her sleep that she is a famous designer, and she aspires to become one in real life. However, she is only a simple salesperson at a department store. One day, she meets the owner of the department store: Bulut, the handsome heir to a textile empire. The two engage in an impossible love affair.

There are many obstacles standing in the way of this love affair. The first one is Selami, a rich and older man obsessed with Elif who had set his mind to marrying her one day. Selami asks Elif’s stepmom Gulendam’s help to convince Elif to marry him and offers to buy Gulendam a new house in exchange for her help. The mean and greedy stepmom Gulendam, who has high hopes and expectations from life, accepts this offer to guarantee her future. Other obstacles in the way of Elif living her dream are her unemployed father’s shortcomings, her irresponsible and stolid brother and the fact that she is the only bread winner in the house. It is as if Elif is not entitled to pursue this love affair. However, Bulut is not a man that will let go of Elif so easily.

Bulut, an heir to a rich family is adamant about marrying Elif even though his mother, Ruhsan wants him to marry his childhood friend Sahika. Ruhsan wants to believe that Elif is just a fling and refuses to accept Elif, the poor girl from a lower class into her family.

There are more obstacles for Elif and Bulut. Alaz, Bulut’s half-brother from his father’s previous relationship has evil plans to destroy the whole family. Alaz had learned the identity of his biological father from his mother right before she had passed away. Learning that he had lived a lie for more than 25 years, Alaz becomes enraged. Without revealing his real identity, Alaz starts working at Bulut’s company as his right-hand. However, he has other malicious plans.