Friends Forever

30 X 1 Commercial Hour
Weekly, Prime Time
Show TV
This is the story of 5 teenage college friends and the challenges they face in transitioning to adulthood. The story revolves around their complicated relationships, friendships, conflicts and passions. The drama follows the dramatic lives of the characters through their college years and ultimately in the adult world.

Despite their very diverse backgrounds, Eren, Seda, Merve and Yunus becomes very good friends in the preparatory year in college. Soon, they will all need to face their own pasts and the secrets they have been keeping. They share a common feeling that adulthood is a lonely place that needs to be walked alone.

Just before the freshman year, Seda comes across with her childhood friend Gizem for the first time in years. Turns out that Gizem is also struggling with her own life after her father’s tragic death in an accident. Seda introduces Gizem to her social circle but she will regret this decision soon enough.

Nothing is as it seems and Gizem complicates everything more and more! But somehow she gets away with them all. Will friendships help Gizem and cure her wounded soul? Will they win their own victory; will their friendships help them survive?