23 X 1 Commercial Hour
Show TV
Weekly, Primetime
Nazli is a young graduate in her 20¹s. She is high-spirited and optimistic about life, despite having a congenital heart condition. She knows that she needs a transplant operation soon or it will be fatal. Meanwhile, she works to support her family by selling pastries on the streets.

Firat is a successful young businessman, trying to make his way through a world of shady and powerful competitors. He knows his competitors will try to get rid of him or hurt his loved ones, so he's shut his doors to love.

When Firat is accosted with a gun, Nazli is there by chance and saves his life. They fall in love, but Nazli runs away because she knows she will probably die soon. Firat hides his feelings so his competitors cannot get an advantage over him, but he watches her closely.

It just so happens that Nazli's father is chauffeur to Firat's mother. No-one knows about this connection yet. One day, Nazli's father has a heavy conversation with Firat's mother and tells her his daughter will die soon if there's no match for a transplant. Firat's mother is very touched by this, so she goes to the hospital with Nazli's father and signs up to be an organ donor. If she dies, she wants her heart to go to Nazli.

Soon after, Nazli has a relapse and must have the operation immediately to save her life. Her father in desperation deliberately crashes the car, killing Firat's mother but saving his own daughter's life.

Eventually Nazli and Firat meet each other again. However the secret of her heart will be disclosed sooner or later.