Lady Ville

30 X 1 Commercial Hour
Weekly, Prime Time
Saklıköy is famous for its nature, ambience and very beautiful girls. The village is a wonder of nature that does not have too much contact with the outside world.

The girls of the village are very beautiful. Girls from the village are never given away to outsiders. If an outsider wants to marry a girl from the village, he has to come “Ladyville” and live there.

For this reason, many men who have happened to pass by this fairytale-like village have not returned to their hometowns, but instead settle in “Ladyville”.

One day, Ferit from Istanbul also happens to be passing by the village in this manner. In this village, full of beauty, he falls in love with the most beautiful girl, İlkgün, at first sight. Ferit, who is from a completely different world, wants to bring İlkgün to Istanbul.

Will the young businessman Ferit, who went to university in the U.S., become the first man to take a girl away from the Ladyville village, or will he -like many other heart-struck men- become a villager in Ladyville?