Time of Departure

42 X 1 Commercial Hour
Weekly, Prime Time
The story begins with Cennet’s father giving her to Cemal as a second wife. When first wife Hanim meets with the beautiful Cennet, she is upset but goes along with it because she has been unable to bear a child.

However, she continues to manipulate Cemal with evil plans and makes Cennet's life miserable. Cennet has a great talent as carpet weaver and Cemal makes money from her work which is much admired. After a while, Cennet gives birth to a long awaited baby boy named Yemin. Baby Yemin gets pulled away from his mother by pressure from Hanim and he is soon adopted by her. He grows up without knowing that Cennet is his real mother. Later, Cennet and Cemal have 3 daughters, Zümrüt, Kiraz and Güneş.

When Cennet's eldest daughter Zümrüt reaches her mid-twenties, Cemal gives her away in marriage to landowner Faysal, in exchange for a debt. At long last, Cennet rebels and decides to take all her daughters and escape.

The entire family, Yemin, Hanım and Cemal, are on the hunt for Cennet, but she manages to reach Istanbul with her daughters. The cheap hotel where they are staying is raided by the vice squad, and they end up in a police station. The only option for escape is for Cennet to locate wealthy businessman Yılmaz. He has been a longstanding client of her handcrafted carpets and has displayed her work in his gallery over the years. Yılmaz is in an unhappy marriage with Sevgi who he is trying to divorce because of her jealousy. Cennet and her daughters stay in Yılmaz’s mansion until they find somewhere else to live.