Miss Perfect
“Miss Perfect” is a dating show where four women go on separate dates with the same bachelor during the week and he chooses his favorite on Friday.
Love Cafe
“Love Café” is a romantic TV meeting place where 8 women who want to get married have the chance to meet the man of their dreams!
My Soul Mate
“My Soul Mate” is a dating show for the internet era. The candidates can apply online to be either a host or a guest and for each show one host / hostess and 3 guests are chosen.
I Wanna Marry You
I Wanna Marry You is a reality show programme in which the competitors individually participate for the chance to get married.
The Married Game
A daily stripped show with four dinner dates and one big revelation. Four men, three married and one single, take a savvy bachelorette out on dinner dates and try to convince her that they are single.
My Best Friend’s Date
Speed-dating by proxy - picking studs from the duds. The perfect date is about compatibility... and a bit of ‘va-va-voom’! And who better than your best friends to know what pushes your buttons...
Perfect Bride
“Perfect Bride” introduces 12 young women who want to get married to 6 young men, but the men bring their mothers along with them!