Find My Body
The dating show that’s literally head and shoulders above the rest! “Find My Body” is a studio dating show where one contestant finds her/his perfect soulmate by matching the heads of six contenders with their bodies...
Power of Love
“Power of Love” is a reality show that serves as a social experiment where contestants compete individually, and the goal is to find love...
Marriage Life Experiment
Reality entertainment at its best – the universal subject of marriage and finding “the one” is being presented in “Marriage Life Experiment”, giving the power to choose to the prospective bride.
Love Cafe
“Love Café” is a romantic TV meeting place where 8 women who want to get married have the chance to meet the man of their dreams!
The Married Game
A daily stripped show with four dinner dates and one big revelation. Four men, three married and one single, take a savvy bachelorette out on dinner dates and try to convince her that they are single.
Perfect Bride
“Perfect Bride” introduces 12 young women who want to get married to 6 young men, but the men bring their mothers along with them!
The Clique
The Clique is a prime time game show combining comedy and a modern notion of dating. The show is highly engaged in social media and technology, using its customized game software.