Game Shows

The Sphere
10 balls, 10 questions, 1 million USD prize!
In and Out
In and Out is an exciting game show where your money prize can be increased or divided, or you can go bankrupt at any moment!
Beat The Wheel
Beat the Wheel is a spectacular new game show where a couple of contestants will try to outsmart a giant hybrid digital / physical Wheel and raise its maximum value up to one million dollar...
What the F*ck!
What The F*ck? is the ultimate prank show to test the patience of your loved ones, laugh a little and earn money together at the same time!
Cash or Splash
Cash or Splash is an exciting and fun quiz-game show where three contestants compete together as a team that tries to protect the 1.000.000 cash initially given to them until the end of the game...
Know It or Face It!
“Know It or Face It!” is a quiz challenge game show for couples. The couple must try to make their way to the top of the 10 step money ladder by answering questions correctly.
“Quizmaster" is an innovative and entertaining daily quiz format that combines suspense and interactivity. The game is simple: the goal of the main candidate is to defend his throne...
Pick'n Run
This lively, physical quiz show is between two teams of four people. The teams can be made up of families, colleagues or friends. At the beginning of the game, each person elects to represent one of four options...
Are You Kidding Me
“Are You Kidding Me?” is a prank-game show consisting of four fun phases. All that the show needs are a lovable host...
Lucky Room
In this studio game show, 3 contestants take part every episode. Their family members are also in the studio, but in a sound-proofed room (The Lucky Room).
A quiz show with simple rules and thrilling reversals of fortune right until the end!
Risk Taker
Risk Taker is a quiz show that challenges contestants to calculate quickly and bet a percentage of their prize money before every answer. During the hour long show, three contestants go up against the clock with 10 questions to answer.
Catch the Answer
Catch the Answer is the world's most informative quiz show!