Momsters is a cooking competition where five brides and their mothers- in-law compete together as a team to cook the best meal!
My Wife Rules
“My Wife Rules” is the first couple cooking contest, where the husband is cooking by remote control!
Cook for the Chefs
In this weekly cooking show, two famous Master Chefs are traveling the nation to discover the best home cooks. The cooks have all applied to be on the show and are confident in their skills...
Answer Cook Win
In this cooking contest, the three participants start with the same package of ingredients. Each one contains three basic items, such as apple/flour/beef or minced meat/asparagus/egg etc.
Wardrobe Wars
Wardrobe Wars is a daily fashion and style contest with 8 women and their wardrobes competing against each other.
Cooking Roulette
In this spectacular studio based cooking show, 12 contestants enter the arena and take their places around a circular moving conveyor belt...
Keep It or Lose It
"Keep It or Lose It" is a game show where you choose the prizes, but then you have to hold onto them!
My Style Rocks
“My Style Rocks” is a studio based fashion game-show.
Fashion Icon
“Fashion Icon” is the hottest style show on television, integrating fashion and shopping into a show-stopping competition.
Blind Taste
"Blind Taste" is a daily cooking format, featuring a celebrity cook and four contestants that change every week.
Rivals In Law
It’s a timeless conflict, wife vs. mother-in-law in a domestic test of who’s the best cook.
Shopping Monsters
"Shopping Monsters" is a day time show that combines the elements of competition, gossip, express makeovers and style!
The Gift
"The Gift" is a daily-strip contest where the participants compete with each other to prove that they have the most beautiful home and they are the best host.
Décor Monsters
Five women with very different tastes in home decorating compete every week to see who can be the home styling queen!
Blind Taste Junior
Let the pizza dough replace the Play-doh! Let the oranges and tomatoes do it’s magic for the kids! Now, it’s time for the children to compete in the fairest competition of the world!
Beauty Express
Beauty Express is the first daily make-up competition! Every week, 5 new contestants compete to do the perfect make-up for a specific theme.